Canadian dollar went up and sterling loses the ground


Canadian dollar with the Mexican peso is getting the gain towards the dollar, right after the Trump’s second debates with Hillary, a huge scandal about his vulgar accusations against women, and new odds for Clinton’s victory.

Donald Trump has said numerous times that he is going to re-watch the NAFTA agreement, and the trade for Mexico and Canada with the USA will be complicated. So, after the new predictions for the presidential elections went up, Canadian dollar and peso from Mexico gained this Monday. Mexican currency received 1.6 percent, and it has now reached 19.02, while Canadian money went 0.3 percent up against the USA dollar.

Today dollar is equal to the 102.97 yen, and euro moved its position to 1.1187 dollars.

Sterling began to fall down since the British referendum, which led to the Brexit decision. However, it temporarily stopped the falling, till this Friday, when the final decision when the GB will become completely separate from the EU was made. Now it is equal to 1.2402 dollars.

More and more financial analysts predict that this Brexit deadline will make the separation even harder that it was planned before.

Investors don’t have the clear idea what will be going on with the common economy after the Britain will leave the block. Some of them predict that EU will no longer remain British close partner. As far at the EU was the main supplier of the UK, it will be the very tough situation for both of them.