Does Japan feel jealous about Japanese numerous Nobel prizes?


Well, who does not? However, this China-Japan situation always was tough. They are very close to each other, and yet, so different. Probably, these countries always feel themselves competitive with each other. And now, China is asking whether it was fair that Japan won more Nobel Prizes than them.

Do you also feel this a little bit childish weird atmosphere?

This year, Ohsumi Yoshinori, the scientist from Japan, received an award in the physiology, and this prize was already given to the scientist from China a year ago.

Still, the situation is complicated by the fact that now Japan can celebrate its 25th Nobel Prize since 1949. At the same time, Chinese officials have counted that they have only 3 awards since that time, and one was the Peace award for the protection of human rights, received by Xiaobo Liu 6 years ago. So, probably, it cannot be count as the ‘real’ Nobel award, or what? Meanwhile, the country of the rising sun won the 2nd place by the number of Nobel awards, after the USA.

Chinese nation is not very happy with the fact that two prominent scientists, Zhengdao Li, and Zhenning Yang left China in the time when Communists became the leading party and won Nobel in 1957 for discoveries in physics, living at the USA. Later they received their citizenship there.

Chinese newspaper Global Times even wrote an article about whether it is fair to give Japan so many Nobel Prizes. It became viral and was viewed more than 60 000 times at the internet.