Samsung Galaxy 7 nightmare continues


Probably it is not the luckiest time for Samsung Company right now. And the situation with the whole line of Galaxy Note 7 is getting worse. The company continues to replace phones one after another. And the new reports of self-firing models do not stop. The new cases were noted in the USA, and also South Korea.

And, according to the new information, even the replacements can suddenly explode. At least, that is what happened with the man on the plane last week.

Such big traders, and the main partners of Samsung as T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, decided to refuse to sell Samsung phones at the Galaxy Note 7 line.

Recently, sales of this company went down, and it shows the worst results in the history of Samsung. Consumers began to afraid of other Samsung products as well, like washing machines, or different gadgets.

According to Jee Hye-ryong, the spokesperson of Samsung, the company is currently working on the problem of Samsung Galaxy 7, and they are trying to understand the problem and to fix it.

The company states that the most important for them is a safety of their clients, and they are ready to do everything possible to provide it.

Still, there is no comment from the Company about the situation in Korea, where the production was completely suspending due to the potential danger of the devices.

Recently, there were 8 cases of new fires reported from the owners of the new replacement from Samsung only in the USA.