Stocks rise while Trump chances to be new president go down


This Monday stocks went up together with the Mexican currency – peso, while the markets give Trumps small chances to win this race after the recent scandal that Republican candidate has started with the remarks about women.

Last weekend’s holiday in Japan has shortened the equities predictions. And at the same time, MSCI index of the Asian-Pacific region outside Japan showed a positive increase. Its shares gained 0.1 percent.

Spread betters believe that there is going to be a slight growth of the European indexes during the opening of the markets.

S&P 500 futures received 0.2 percent of the gain, as well as the Australian indexes. Shanghai index was up 1.2 percent after the holidays.

Meanwhile, stocks in Thailand has lost 2.9 percent during Monday, after the officials have declared that the health of the King is very unstable right now.

After the tapes where Trump was making vulgar remarks about women were published in media, this Republican nominee faces probably the hardest times in this race. And he stayed strong during 16 months of his campaign, even though there were a lot of scandals.

The second official debates with Clinton went very predictable, so the situation did not change much for Donald. American polls give Hillary 81 percent in this “war”.

Traders at the market believe that Clinton’s policy will be predictable and consistent, while Trump worries them with his trade policy, foreign policy, economy, and relations with Fed. In fact, his plans to stop import, and shut the doors for Canada and Mexico trading can make harm for their economies as well. That is why, right after the scandal, currencies of both countries went up.