The reasons to choose iPhone instead android


We don’t ask you to throw away your android and go to buy new iPhone. It is only personal opinion, and we want to share it with you.

Android phones can be as quick, functional, and good as the iPhone as well. And still, we will choose the iPhone instead of android. Here are the reasons:

–        Software that will be updated automatically during many years. Right now only one platform can give you guarantee that you will receive fresh updates of your software for years. And this platform is iOS. During the life of your iPhone there will be always new software for you. Currently, Apple supports its old models even though many people have already stopped to use them. You will not see the same behavior of android manufacturers that usually stop sending updates after a year.

–        Great apps. Well, even though, they have both changed their policy about app selection, iPhone still receive most interesting apps before android. We can explain this by the money that Apple is giving to the developers of different apps. One of the best examples, after the new Super Mario game will be released iPhone users will receive it first.

–        If you have tired from crap apps and info from the carriers, you can switch your android into iPhone. The last one will never have any connections with the crapware from a carrier. You will have only that software that you received when you bought your phone.