What can NASA grow on the Red Planet?


We have already heard a lot about NASA’s plans to grow as many veggies as possible on Mars. They were preparing for this for many years. And even made the gardens at the space station see what can grow there.

Right now, scientists are trying to understand what is the best to plant in the Martian gardens? This question has already become viral.

NASA and Elon Musk are very optimistic about first humans living on Mars for some weeks. They plan to do it in the next fifteen years or less. While cosmonauts are practicing to live in the closed space in France, food researchers are trying to calculate what astronauts can eat during the trip.

And now they have a progress. The journey will be a hard challenge for cosmonauts as they will be in the open space during two years and a half. Of course, they will have to eat something and not one kind of food. So, the main dilemma is how to provide enough fresh food for astronauts. Scientists believe that there must be the possibility for them to grow veggies in Space.

So now, scientists from the Space Center of Kennedy in NASA together with Tech Institute from Florida began to work on the program called Martian gardens, where they are using soil from Hawaii which is similar to soil from Mars. There are no organic parts in this soil which do not make easy work of scientists.