Our ancestor was very tall


At least, that is what his footprints are telling us. According to the recent study, ancient human being was tall and had the weight close to 100 pounds. Oh, and he also had his harem, probably.

Scientists received this information from one foot print left in the ground almost 4 million years back.

Researchers believe that they found the tallest representatives of our ancestors. Before these footprints, there was only Lucy, the skeleton.

Scientists tried to find the information from thirteen ancient footprints that volcanic ash kept unharmed during all this time. They were discovered in 2015 in Africa, Northern part of Tanzania.

The footprints were odd from the beginning. They belonged to a man with the large sizes, which was finally classified as a representative of Australopithecus Afarensis. The size of the foot and the distance in 26 cm suggest that it was a man.

This place is called Laetoli, and it is the same place where other footprints were found. They did not belong to this male human being.

The new footprints were called S1, as they were discovered in the S area. The new man was 165 cm probably and weighted 45 kg. He was taller than others and taller than the previous discovery in Ethiopia.

The skeleton Lucy was shorter and has only 107 cm in height.

The size of the footprint is telling us that they belong to man, but scientists can’t tell for sure whether it was man or woman, and what was the age of our ancestor.