American shares still up with the new predictions about Trump


While the concern about a new policy of President-elect Donald Trump is growing up, shares on the Wall Street bring new gains under the strong financial and economic situation.

Experts afraid that newly formed Administration of Trump will require more and faster increases of interest rates to escape enormous inflation.

Forecasts are not so optimistic right now, even though global community feels stronger confidence in their own national situations.

The fiscal stimulus that was promised by Trump during his presidential campaign does not look so prominent as it was before, and signals from tight labor market could mean the need in more aggressive rates hike.

There are a lot of hopes on the new decision of Trump before his official inauguration. Two weeks left before the White House will have a new owner, and everyone, starting from global investors to the Fed representatives expects that he will make promises during his campaign real. Still, these projects have to be approved by the Republicans.

Wall Street indexes continue to rise before the important date, lifting up Asian stocks as well.

Chinese officials showed an optimistic data with strong positions in economic sectors. They have started 2017 year with high income, and few improvements in the manufacturing sector. However, the Chinese government does not expect extremely high growth and settle modest target to reach this year.

Chinese yuan went up against dollar. American currency reached 116.3 yen this morning.

Oil prices went up 2 percent during last night.