New 80 Pokémon are waiting for you


Are you ready to catch 80 more magical creatures on Pokémon Go? You better be.

The much-awaited day has arrived and all trainers can go directly to their games searching for the new Pokémon.

During the last months, we have heard so many speculations about possible appearance of Generation Two in the game, that it became hard to avoid this menace and not join other gamers in their waiting.

It all started in December when Pokémon Go has received special Pokémon baby. After that, the life of ordinary Pokémon trainer has been changed forever.

Now we can leave all the frustration time behind and see the new magic animals.

It is official, Pokémon from the region of Johto came to the new game, from Gold and Silver Game Boy. If you still don’t believe in it, you can watch an official trailer that shows gamers who were lucky enough to catch some new Pokémon, like Marill, Hoppip, and Skarmony.

The question that appears after this announcement why there will be only 80 Pokémon if we perfectly aware that there are one hundred of them in Generation 2?

We also don’t have the real-time for a hunt. All we know that it will be a little bit later this week, which can be tomorrow or two days later.

As for the number 80, we must be correct and remind you that 8 Pokémon from Gen 2 is already inside the game. So we must look only for 12 others. There will be more legendary Pokémon from Generation 2.