Amazon is worth more than a thousand dollars. Wall Street does not go up


The shares of the e-commerce giant have registered a new high ever. However, US stocks are in the red, with investors digesting economic data.

U.S. stocks opened the session on negative territory after a three-day hiatus as investors looked at economic data for clues about the health of the world’s largest economy. But there are those that stand out for the positive. This is what happens with Amazon, which saw its shares surpass for the first time the bar of $1,000, exclusive level to very few securities listed in the American stock exchanges.

The Nasdaq dropped 0.05% to 6,206.82 points, following the S&P 500, index that fell 0.18%, to 2,411.47 points. Amazon is in the forefront of the technology index on the day as its shares topped the $1,000 mark for the first time. The shares of the US e-commerce giant continue to appreciate 0.27% to $998, but have been trading at as high as $1,001.20. This price allows to raise to $478 billion the market value of Amazon. That is, twice the competitor Wal-Mart. According to Bloomberg data, the four-digit rise in Amazon’s stock value makes it a rarity,

The passing of this milestone happens after, in April, Amazon surprised by the better than expected results. The company reported $ 35.7 billion in revenue and also announced a 23 percent increase in its sales.

Also weighing on investor sentiment are the reluctance regarding political developments in Washington. Data released this Tuesday indicate that US consumer spending saw the biggest rise in the four-month window in April. Already the inflation rebounded, pointing towards a robust domestic demand in this first part of the second quarter.

Among the companies that most contribute to the decline of US stocks are those of the raw materials sector, this being the day when oil continues to fall in international markets. The barrel of crude fell 1.14% to $ 49.23 in New York. Brent’s barrel slid 1.66 percent to $51.42.