Bye, W10M: Microsoft may be preparing a new ‘reboot’ for Windows Phone


The significant drop in the presence of Windows in smartphones has not led Microsoft to give up the mobile completely. After leaving Windows 10 Mobile stand by in the feature2 development cycle and demonstrating a growing focus on the corporate industry, it may be that the system is being discontinued to make room for a new, more attractive software solution.

Inside information indicates that the Redmond company even already works internally with new mobile hardware, possibly the successor to Lumias x50. The device in question would be the flagship of Microsoft’s new mobile experience so touted by current CEO Satya Nadella. After years, will we finally see Surface Phone up close?

Despite the positive news for fans of Windows phones, speculation suggests that it may take at least a year before the gadget goes off the shelf. In addition to the differential of the presence of the Windows 10 Universal Platform (UWP) applications, the great expectation is that the software will be able to attract the attention of the consumer market in some way – a segment in which Windows Mobile has practically disappeared in recent years. It remains to be seen whether it will be enough to win back the confidence of users who have just migrated to Android and iOS thanks to the lack of apps.

Many people have bet on the arrival of Windows 10 “complete” thanks to the ARM chips support, but the novelty should be restricted to a new category of notebooks with new features such as native LTE support. Everything indicates that we will see a new repaginated version of Windows 10 Mobile, probably only restricted to the next Windows phones released until the end of 2018.