Apple: Here are the new features of iOS 11


Apple recently announced this year’s news for the iPhones and iPads system. The new version of the software is called iOS 11 and brings a host of new features to the brand’s smartphones and tablets.

The system is already available to developers and will reach all users of recent Apple devices between September and December of this year.

Check out what will change on iOS 11:

iPhone and iPad

Siri – Apple’s personal assistant got smarter. She will be able to suggest news articles that she may like, like Google Now does. However, she will have a unique technology: learn via software what you are reading to suggest words that will be typed on the keyboard of your iPhone as a difficult surname.

Maps – The Apple map application has won two features already seen in paid apps such as TomTom’s: maximum track speed and track guide. This last feature is for the driver to know exactly which lane he should stay in to ensure that his next conversion is done safely.

Internal maps – At airports in selected cities such as London, New York and Hong Kong, Apple will show internal maps of airports and shopping malls to make life easier for first-time visitors or in a hurry to find a location.

Control Center – That menu that appears when we slide the bottom finger up on the screen will change. Instead of having two screens of options, everything will be in one.

As usual, the icons have animations to increase the volume or unlock the automatic orientation of the screen.

Using 3D ringing, available on iPhones from generation 6s, users can access the volume or brightness menu in detail.

ARkit РApple now offers an augmented reality application development kit, the technology used in Pokémon Go to see the little monsters in the real world. With the launch of the new system, new apps that take advantage of this kit should appear in the App Store.

App Store – The App Store will gain a new look and also a new section called “Today”. It will help users discover the best apps that are coming up. Apple’s online store will show you the game of the day, the app of the day, and a list of apps focused on a specific theme, such as meditation or food.

Photos – The photos you take with your iPhone or iPad Pro will become easier to share out of apps like Instagram or Facebook. We are talking about Live Photos, which run only in those apps, Apple devices or when turned into gifs. These little videos are captured automatically when we take a picture and can be seen using Apple’s 3D Touch (a touch with a little more force than normal on the screen).

The Live Photos can be transformed into Boomerang-style videos, Instagram’s app. It will allow the video to be played back and forth quickly, all done automatically. This is interesting in scenes like a swim in the pool.

Another feature that will reach users of Live Photos will be the possibility to choose a frame to become their main photo. With this you can share it anywhere, without having to worry about whether or not there is support for this kind of special image from Apple.

The standard image editing tool has also been given a new feature that allows you to increase the exposure of photos in a way that makes them look more artistic, in the Prisma style, a free app that offers image filters with inspirations by big names in art.

Exclusive for iPad Pro

Dock – popular on Macs, the Dock now comes to the revamped iPad Pro. Most used app shortcuts can be configured as on the brand computers.

The Dock lets you hold an app and drag it to the side of the screen whenever you want to use the tablet’s multitasking feature, which lets you use more than one app at a time, like Maps and iMessage for example.

Files – The new application for iPads Pro allows you to manage the files that are on your device and also in your cloud services, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Drag and Drop – iOS 11 on the iPad pro has support for a very popular feature on computers: click and drag. Because there is no mouse on the Apple tablet, you simply touch the item you want to transfer, such as a photo in the gallery, and drag it to a message in Mail to attach it to your email.