WhatsApp: All file types can be shared


With over one billion users, WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most widely used messaging applications in the world. This device, practical and effective to stay in touch with friends, also regularly updates to take on new features. This is the case today as a result of an update that now allows any user to share any type of files.

Owned by the Facebook social network and in the same way as Instagram, the application WhatsApp sees its service constantly improving on a daily basis. The system, which will support Android 2.3 until 2020, is often armed with updates intended to bring it new features.

In this regard, a new plan is being deployed for some time now, is now making its appearance. The latter is intended to improve file sharing between contacts.

WhatsApp: Any type of file can now be sent

In addition to having recently acquired two novelties related to the personalization of the messages, WhatsApp acquires on this day of a strong functionality expected from the users. It is by means of a new update that the application now acquires the system allowing to send any type of file to its contacts.

The arrival of this device sounds here as a beautiful and happy news in the eyes of users, who could only share PDF files, Word documents and spreadsheets. These restrictions are now only memories, WhatsApp allowing the sending of any type of file (images, music, videos, …).

On one condition however, the elements in question must not exceed a specific size. The files will have to be less than 128 MB on iOS, less than 100 MB for those in possession of the application on Android smartphones and finally, less than 64 MB on the web version. It is rather restricted certainly but it is better than nothing. Thanks WhatsApp!